21 Day Shifter Program

21 Days of Pure Intuitive Psychic Guidance, Emotional Support, Help, Psychic Development and Divinely Guided Business Strategies


Psychic Readings

Receive your daily guidance and support with Psychic Readings specifically channelled just for you and your unique situation. 

Intuitive Coaching

Divinely Guided and deeply personalised intuitive guidance, channeled specifically for you, regarding your personal situation. 

Psychic Development

Get clear on trusting your intuition, being able to bounce ideas off me, helping you to hone in on your unique Psychic Gift, so you can amplify your intuition and trust it at the same time. 

Work 1:1 with Hannah

Are you needing 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring Coaching, Psychic Reading Support or Intuitive Healing?

So how does it all work?

This is 21 Days of deeply personalised and 1:1 Support from me. 

No limit to the amount of questions or healings that occur during this 21 Days of pure intuitive personalised support. 

Over WhatsApp (a free app you can download), you get unlimited daily voice messaging and text support from me.

Any issue, any question, nothing is off topic, there are no limits to the amount of questions you ask or the support you need.  

No need to book and schedule a timeslot to work for us both, unlimited text and voice messaging over WhatsApp means that you work with your own flow and schedule, anytime of day or night. 

You won't wake or disturb me, as my phone is on silent, yet, I support my clients every single day through this awesome tool, WhatsApp, so you can get back on track and know what steps to take to clear the confusion and turmoil.  

When do you start it? It starts as soon as you send me your first message. 

Yes! This includes Psychic Readings!

Oracle and Tarot Card Readings can be done for you over this 21 Day Shifter Program, tailoring the messages personally to your situation, of course. 

What is the Investment?

I have been intuitively guided to offer this for $197USD (approx $280AUD).

**INCREASING TO $499USD ON THE 12th MAY 2019**

Yes there are payment plans: 
Option 1:
2 x monthly payments of $111USD
Option 2: 3 x monthly payments of $77USD

So if you are needing support, 21 Days 1:1 Personalised Intuitive & Psychic Guidance of:

🔮 unlimited psychic readings
🔮 unlimited questions
🔮 unlimited voice messaging
🔮 unlimited text messaging
🔮 Intuitive Healings
🔮 Psychic Guidance

Are all here for you dear Soul. 

Ready for 21 Days to Shift with 1:1 Support?

Unlimited 1:1 personalised support with Hannah

21 Days to Rapidly Shift You

Deeply personalised and specific to your circumstances, this is unlimited 1:1 Intuitive Psychic Guidance over 21 Days to get the support and help you need #pronto

Whether you need support with: 

  • Making a decision in your personal life
  • Not sure why you are so confused all the time and can't seem to make a decision
  • Wondering what to do with your current relationship, now you're awake, it doesn't seem in alignment anymore and you're wondering what to do about that
  • Wanting to increase your Psychic Development 
  • Increasing your Intuition so you can trust yourself 
  • Aligning with your Life Purpose and understanding what on Earth you're here for 
  • Turning your passion into your Career and stepping out into the world with your spiritual based business 
  • Understanding your childrens tears, tantrums and wondering how on Earth I Homeschool on my own and run my business at the same time 
  • Wanting to learn more about me and my Spiritual Awakening and Journey and how I ended up here 
  • Supporting you in releasing your addictions that are blocking your Life Purpose and Spiritual Abilities, that you know you so deeply have but don't trust them or yourself! 
  • Overcoming past relationships hurts, traumas and wanting to move on but can't 
  • Wondering why you feel depressed, stuck and down most of the time and wondering how to shift that
  • Wondering where all the pressure in your life is coming from and what to do about that 
  • Have lost a loved one through death and want contact with them 

Gain Instant Access & Start Immediately

Unlimited questions and answers via voice messaging and text with Hannah as your personal Intuitive Guide for 21 Days:

"Dear Hannah, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the experience of the 21 Day Shifter Program. Wowzers – it was so potent, powerful and such a gift to give myself to sink into claiming more of how I want to be and express in this world. Through WhatsApp, I was able to share to my heart’s content and ask whatever questions came up to be asked of you. And I loved that I knew you would hear me, without judgment and give to me honestly of your experience and what came to you intuitively. Your presence and support helped me have so many shifts, understand even more of my internal world, and get to some deep core wounds that needed to be seen. Plus you heard all the crazy sharing’s and the wild imagination I have!! And to you it wasn’t crazy – another bonus, and quite frankly reassuring! With love and gratitude for the person you are and all that you offer and give."

Kate Dillon

Gain Instant Access & Start Immediately

Unlimited questions and answers via voice messaging and text with Hannah as your personal Intuitive Guide for 21 Days:

I Want Longer Than 21 Days!

This is for those that want longer than 21 Days, want more Hannah time and deep, consistent support, healing and vibrational energetic shifts.


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