Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Everything you need to support your Spiritual Awakening so you can be clear, energised and know how to use your Psychic & Spiritual Gifts, rather than being wiped by the energy!

Yes Please Hannah!

Energised, Activated & Knowing how to use your Spiritual Gifts

We are ascending, and rapidly at that. To help ease Ascension Symptoms, knowing what to do, how to use your Psychic Senses, and to powerfully awaken your inherent power as Humanity holds more light, can support you so you are not floored when the waves of Light come through, like now - have you been feeling it this past week?

Everybody has these powerful psychic gifts, they are muscles and everybody has them, just like our physical muscles. 

When somebody asks you what you feel like for dinner, you immediately, without even thinking about it, tune into what you feel like eating and make a decision. 

You are all feeling energy all the time, because you are made up of energy & atoms. 

Sometimes you are floored with this energy, feeling too much, or everything at once. 

Feeling like you don't fit in anywhere or that no body understands what you are talking about when you sense other worldly things. 

You don't look weird to me, I totally get it. And that's why I've been called to put together Awaken Your Psychic Senses - so you have a guide of what all this energy is, how to use it and your psychic and spiritual gifts and to not be floored by it. 

That includes the ups and downs, the highs and the lows and how not to be taken for this extreme high and low space, so you can stay energised, grounded and stable and use the energy to your advantage. 

Next Level Activations

Whilst this course is for everybody, from beginners in their psychic development to advanced Healers wanting to shift their skills and repair organs at next level activations, this is all for all levels.

The frequency of these downloads that have come through my intuition for this Awaken Your Psychic Senses is preparing Humanity for the return to our true nature. 

If you are worried about the big changes in the world, the best thing to do is be prepared. We are all returning to our natural state, returning to heightened energy awareness, 5D consciousness, Heart Centered Consciousness and beyond. 

If you want to be prepared and just not be floored by energy all the time, adjust the frequency of your vibration to receive clearer and more accurate psychic insight, know what to do with the information you receive and repair your spiritual and physical bodies, then this is for you. 

What's In It?

Over several video trainings, we cover:

Spiritual Organ Healing & Activation

Deep Healing & Activation of your individual spiritual organs is a must, when you are becoming aware of how to use your psychic and spiritual senses. Claircognisence, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience - the foundation of your Psychic Senses - are all deeply healed and activated here.

All Bodies Healing & Activations

This assimilates your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies - knowing what is what and how they all work in synergy together. We heal what is needing repair and interconnect the layers so you become energetically strong again, just like your natural nature. We return to natural state. 

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

Find out who is your Animal Spirit Guide walking by your side to help you Awaken Your Psychic Senses.

Past Life Healing & Integration

Past Life Healing & Integration, so the blocks from your past don't bind you there anymore. I show you how Past Life Healing & Integration can be simple and broken down with ease, so you don't spend all your time in your past recreating it, you've got a life to live now right? ;) 

Present Day Healing & Activation

It's all well and good to Heal Past Lives and to learn new activation techniques to create the reality and future you want, but how do you merge the two? How do you integrate your past and bring new learnings into your current life without causing too much havoc? I have you covered here, merging and integrating realities with authenticity and ease. 

Future Life Activation

What do you choose? It is here, you get to activate the exact reality you want and anchor it in to bring it into your existence. Creating your own reality, the one you really want. #nocompromise

Land & Earth Healing & Activations

Understanding the Earth Grids, Earth Energies, Earth Frequencies and Earth Changes, so you have deep awareness of your own energy, to support, nourish heal yourself and our dear Mother Earth. 

Galactic and Intergalactic Portal Activations & Integrations

Super important as our Earth and Humanities Consciousness is Awakening and Activating to extend our awareness and energy to our Galactic Home & Intergalactic Portals to bring this Divine Energy to Earth to help all who inhabit Mother Earth to heal. 

Realm Attunement

If you feel like you've never fit in before, chances are you're not originally from this Planet! You're not alone in feeling this way. Here, in Realm Attunement, I take you Home, so you can nourish your Soul, all whilst still be on our dear Mother Earth who is holding you right now. 

Psychic Development Exercises & Training Techniques

So you can strengthen, fine tune and deeply understand your Psychic & Intuitive Abilities so you are #onpoint and #accurate every single time. 

Understanding Energy

No, I am not going to teach you to levitate! But - when you understand these concepts - the Universe is your oyster - including levitating!

PLUS Group Support

Ask me your questions related to any of the Awaken Your Psychic Senses Trainings as you work through them and I will answer your questions in our private group to support you. 

Of Course There Are BONUSES!!

And I am sooo excited to be releasing this here for you as a BONUS!! This makes total sense to have this here as a BONUS for you!!!

Bonus #1:

12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose


The Potent and Powerful 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose are right here for you!

This makes so much sense to have these here for you for instant access as soon as you jump into Awaken Your Psychic Senses - as of course some help and guidance to align you with your Life Purpose is essential for understanding why you even have your Psychic Senses. What is the point of living with out purpose after all? 

This entire course on it's own - is right here for you, supporting you in Awakening Your Psychic Senses.

Bonus #2:

Archangel Attunement

 These Powerful 15 Main Archangels are your deep connection to the Spirit World and are right by your side every step of the way in Awakening Your Psychic Senses, so you know that the information you are receiving from the Other Side is true, real and correct. #powerful

Here's how this Divine Training works:

The Investment for Awaken Your Psychic Senses is $49. 

Yes!! This is Level 2 of Rapid Ascension Awakening. 

I received the intuitive message to offer each Level as individual courses. 

The message that came through, was that technically there aren't 'levels' as many people are at different 'levels' and it was important to have each skill set recognised. 

With this, it is complete intuitive call if you are called for each part of Rapid Ascension Awakening or not. Your Soul calls you. Trust it. 

Yes! If you have any questions at all through any of the trainings you go through, you can come and post them in my private Reality Awareness Support Group on Facebook and I will answer them there for you. (link in the confirmation email for you to join this support group)

You get lifetime access to all the trainings in Awaken Your Psychic Senses and the Bonuses of the 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose and the Archangel Attunement. 

You can work at your own pace. 

I recommend committing to 1 video a week, say every Monday night for example to move through it and receive the benefits from it. 

If you can do more - do more for sure!!


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