Whether you are doubting yourself or find yourself questioning whether you trust that person anymore, goodness - what is going on here? 

Is you've already lost the connection to YOURSELF. 

If you find yourself not trusting another person, what is going on here is you have lost the trust in yourself and you are projecting it onto that person. 

That usually happens when at the VERY start of a relationship, your intuition was telling you something, and/or you were not in integrity and honest in some way and you ignore your intuition aka disconnect from your intuition and yourself and that disconnection is projected into the outside world onto - ANYONE and ANYTHING. 

When you disconnect from your intuition, you disconnect from LIFE. You disconnect from your AWARENESS and from your life path aka your Life Purpose. 

You become so focused on what everyone else is doing, Spirit is speaking to you about YOUR Life Purpose, but you've disconnected from your true Source aka your intuition and you are focused on THEM - instead of your connection to your intuition and trust in self. 

Why do we drop that connection to our intuition? For many reasons, let's go through a few: 

  • you don't want to hurt other people's feelings (but you forget about yourself in the process) 
  • you are out of integrity in something you said you were committing to and then maybe inside you made a choice, but you didn't voice it so you are living with the unrest of something being out of alignment and integrity of your own words and vows to yourself and the other person
  • you trusted someone else more than you trusted yourself 
  • you listened to someone else over your own intuitive self/feelings 
  • you don't believe you are worthy of having what you really want or how that is possible 

There are things about your intuition - is that it is always there, knocking at your human self door - it just depends whether you are wanting to face the truth in your life, to reconnect to that powerful place of your intuition, that is awaiting you to come Home. 

Over the next 12 months, I am taking you DEEP into the 12 Divine Steps, the 12 Principles that I have lived by since I learnt them in 2005 and how they have created a solid foundation for the acute clarity of my intuition and deep alignment to my Life Purpose. 

Our first Divine Step that is revealed today as we officially start tomorrow, on the 12th January, if you aren't in my Reality Awareness Support Group yet, where it is being held, click here to join now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realityawareness1111/

Your Intuition thrives on your connection to it. 

Are you listening? Or projecting? 

Are you listening to the whispers of what YOU are here to do - not what they are doing and then do the same. 

Nope. Your Life Purpose isn't what they are doing. Are you listening to what Spirit wants YOU to do? 

Are you, connecting to your own Soul? 

If you are feeling agitated and not good enough, not trusting other's 'because they've changed' - maybe you should be asking yourself how you disconnected from your own intuition and Life Purpose to even get to this place to start with! 

Trace it back, where did you disconnect from your intuition? What was going on in that moment? 

Now, what are the fastest ways YOU reconnect to YOUR INTUITION?

There has been some heavy things I have been dealing with in my life right now. A total destruction of all I have ever known, people I thought I knew and so many other things and it has left me wondering, is this how it really is? 

I know deep in my Soul, there are MASSIVE shifts I am going through right now. This total destruction is Kali pouring through every inch of my Being. 

I haven't been questioning what I am doing, but what I have been doing, is finding myself in complete AWE at how people have been towards me and at me. I find this SOOOO intriguing as this sort of thing ONLY happens when I am upleveling with massive energetic shifts. 

It has left me in awe at who has stayed, who has gone, who is on the edges and who is throwing daggers. And fuck do I feel it all. 

This past 2-3 weeks has been something that I cannot put into words and with the gashes this morning that have left me again, in awe at the energetics at play here.... I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I know you.... and yet... I choose to keep going. 

This is inevitable. 



No matter how much this path changes to what I 'thought', the path you can't see, is the one you are meant to go. 


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. I really enjoyed this photoshoot, can you tell?! 😍RISE ANYWAY. Because someone is ALWAYS going to have something to say about you whether they are praising you or hating on you - only because they aren't happy where they are in their life! 

2019 is my year for ignoring those that hate on me, throw daggers and curses (ie bitch behind my back) at me and CHOOSING TO RISE ANYWAY. (after having a grief expulsion session, because this is the fastest way back to FREEDOM AND JOY)

Because 2019 is MY YEAR OF JOY. And THIS is all I choose to focus on. 

And that is what I am CHOOSING every step of the way ❤️


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