Oh, I forgot to share what I would say to the Mother

parenting Jul 18, 2018

Oh, I forgot to share what I would say to the mum... If you read my blog on Saturday, I said I would share what I would've said if I had walked up to the mum.... (if you didn't read my blog from Saturday, you can do so here)

I would've said something to that Mother, had I felt called too.. and it would've stemmed from something I read that Dayna Martin had said in one of her posts a long time ago. What Dayna had spoken about made so much sense and something clicked in me that day. It was something along the lines of she was on a long flight with her family and there was another mother with a child who wouldn't stop crying and instead of judging the mother, she went and helped the mother and showed compassion for her. The mother was extremely grateful and it was showing her children how to treat people... it was more involved than that, but you get the gist of it. So remember that, whenever you are on a plane, instead of judging the family, offer help, for it only takes one person to show compassion, to show other people how to treat people.

And it was from this, that I would've walked up to that Mother that was angrily yelling at her child and asked her, "Ah! Are you okay? That was a bit scary wasn't it?! Are you okay?" I imagine she would've either done 1 of 2 things, continued to be angry and blame the child, or become embarrassed and not known what to say. Either way, it is about tapping into the feelings underneath.

I see this is where my gift is. My skill. My practise. Anyone can do it. I think they call it the compassion muscle ;)

When you understand how emotions work (especially in children) and you know how to 'hear' people - isn't that all humans want? To be heard and understood?

How many times have you gotten into an argument or disagreement, because you don't feel heard or understood?

It can be extremely frustrating and create resentment and more.

A simply understanding.

And it isn't that everyone needs to understand you.... but acceptance even when you don't understand is key.


A world where everyone let everyone have their say, their opinion and even in the face of not understanding someone else, could still accept them? I think that would equal Peace on Earth...

But until we can accept ourselves, we won't accept people out there..... including our children.

Until we can accept our own emotions and have compassion for ourselves, we won't be able to have compassion for somebody else... or sometimes it is the other way around, we can have compassion for complete strangers, but the ones closest to us we don't? Why is that?

Do you find yourself judging yourself or beating yourself up because you made a wrong choice or mistake again?

Do you kick yourself for eating that food you said you would stay away from?

Do you look at other's lives and can't believe they do certain things, especially when you thought they were something completely different?

Did you know this judgement, is a call to your own inner soul, reaching out calling for attention?

Whatever you are judging in someone else - I guarantee you are judging in yourself... or are disgusted in yourself in some way shape or form.... or if you admire something in someone, you are not feeling good enough to do that yourself.... and so, keeping yourself small, playing small and not allowing yourself the complete love and compassion you deeply deserve and so experience a lack of it in your life...

So how do you shift it?

You start with YOU.

All those things you look at others and judge negatively.... You look at yourself and say, 'Oh honey, I am so sorry I thought that about you." (meaning yourself)

All those things you look at others and are inspired by and don't feel good enough that you can too, you look at yourself and say, "Oh honey, anything is possible, you can have that/be that too."

Even if you don't believe it... you start to tell yourself you can...

Because, it is like you shift... and instead of that harsh negative person, constantly beating yourself up for things... you become like a loving, encouraging parent, encouraging and loving you... understanding that - you actually want certain things... and ALLOWING yourself to have these certain things....

This, I believe, is that Healing Receptivity thang we've been speaking about the past few days....

And when you start to be more loving and encouraging with yourself...

You will find that other's will start to respond in kind...

Because this shifts your internal vibration...

And it's that internal vibration that is creating your reality and what you are experiencing in your external world...

So what exactly are you vibrating at from the inside out?

Just look at you reality and you will see.

And if you don't like what you see, change your insides and your outsides will respond in kind.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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