The Rose Bush Analogy 🌹

healing grief heart healing how to protect your energy Jul 12, 2018

The Rose Bush Analogy 🌹

So many of society are walking around with closed Hearts, hunched shoulders and sad minds. And these closed Hearts?

They have either a shield of armour protecting them, or shields or concrete walls or something similar.

Because honey, most people don't know how to protect themselves from getting hurt again. (btw, spiritual protection and protecting your energy is a bit old school these days! But that's another post!)

You see, the only thing that is real is LOVE. So when you close your Heart due to past pain from relationship hurt, trauma or otherwise, you do so to protect yourself from getting hurt again right?

Well, it doesn't quite work like that....

You may think you are protecting yourself from getting hurt again, but what you are actually doing is shutting the LOVE out that is present right now in the right now babe!

Because all that is now is Love. Someone gifting you something, someone saying you look good today, someone offering to carry your bag for you or hold a door open. "Oh that never happens to me" - doesn't it? Or are you just so closed that you don't notice it?

Life is abundant, life is NOW.

So if you have built concrete walls around your Heart, honey, you may feel isolated, alone, sad most of the time, feel like you don't belong, left out and very alone (oh, did I say that already??) Because that is the number one key of feeling alone is a closed Heart.

Think - the first person from a previous relationship in your past that comes to mind - this is where you need to start to unravel the hurt and pain instead of holding onto it....

Because it is only creating armour and concrete walls around you and your Heart - preventing any new Love from entering into your life now babe. Is that what you really want? To be blocked from receiving Love NOW?

You may even feel disconnected, isolated and alone - and you may well be IN a relationship now - if this is the case - do the same - where is the hurt coming from - the first thing that comes to mind. And it may well be from your current relationship sitting there and that is okay.... release it babe...

Opening your Heart back up, doesn't meant that you won't get hurt again. You are human and we have emotions us human beings.

But what it does now, is you will feel connected, happy, and joy again (oh, you've forgotten what that's like have you?!)

And what it feels like to be held, loved, nurtured... and the all important sex that we all secretly crave....

But what is most important about this bringing your walls down - is that you will actually be open to attracting and receiving it again!! That's what you want right?!

"Yes... but I don't want to get hurt again!"

Of course, no one does....

The Rose Bush Analogy first came to me, when I began teaching Lightfilled Yoga back in 2012.

Instead of concrete walls, shields of armour or completely closing down your precious Heart, instead, replace those shields and those concrete walls with a Rose Bush.

The Roses beautifully open and RECEIVE the LOVE in the right now (because that is ALL that there is right now), the thorns on the Rose Bush will catch any negativity that comes into your field/energy/Heart and it will catch them like pieces of cotton and the cotton threads get stuck on the thorns and eventually disintegrate just like cotton does....

Yet, the LOVE passes right on through...

So you are protected AND can open your Heart again babe.

Because isn't that what you want?

To be loved?

What are you waiting for? Replace those walls with your Rose Bush now.

Love Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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