The truth about why you are so angry, frustrated and ultimately scared of 'what the government is doing'?

how to trust your intuition reclaiming your power spiritual awakening worried about what the government is doing Jul 14, 2018

The truth about why you are so angry, frustrated and ultimately scared of 'what the government is doing'?

(the video here too, is another share from my Heart around why you fear the Government and actually what you can do about it. Remember who you are.)

They seem to have alot of power and control.

And right there - is your KEY.

You are angry - because under all anger is sadness.

Sadness that they are hurting people on the planet. Their own fellow kind.

And you just wish that they would just wake the f*%k up already.

I see you, I see you so angry, frustrated and at it's core of this is absolute powerlessness at what to do.

Yes, people have written books, movies even on the 'world order' and what is coming.

Maybe it is.

Maybe it isn't.

Why the maybe's?


Honey, all of our tomorrows are created by the choices, actions and thoughts we do, think, say, be and act on today. THAT is how tomorrow is created, which is creating our future.

Come on.

If you are aware, spiritual, conscious of 'what they are doing'  and are feeling what I am writing or getting agitated and angry at me, because 'I am not seeing what THEY are doing' - honey, it is just where you are at.

There are 3 levels of awakening. Actually there is more, but let me keep it simple for you this second.

  1. Unconsciousness
  2. Waking up - anger, lost, confused, powerless wondering what the f&*k is wrong with the world and 'why can't they see what they are doing to them!'
  3. Coming into LOVE

If you are conscious and aware - you see the truth through the illusion they hold over the unconscious people still to wake up - yes?

100% f*&king yes you do.


So, now you are awake, honey you have a deep responsibility.

To yourself, your life, humanity, the planet.

If you are awake and conscious - you believe you create your own reality - on some level - yes?

And the anger and frustration that comes is that well I didn't create this blah blah blah, it's 'them'.

Honey - if you believe you create your own reality - if you believe that the Universe IS IN YOU and out there is an illusion then how is it THEM?

The tricky part is finding the delicate balance isn't it?

And part of the frustration is trying to understand the well, if this is all an illusion then why the f*%k is this going on and people are feeling pain and dying and getting hurt and being poisoned and brain washed and the list is endless I am sure you could name a zillion other things.

Yes, it isn't about ignoring it.

But honey - if you are awake and conscious - you should know the truth.

The substance that woke you up - what was that?

That what you are focusing on most of the time - is what comes into your reality - is the energy you are feeding, is the energy that grows - correct?

Didn't you learn that your thoughts are creating your reality?

Didn't you learn that your thoughts are creating your feelings, that are creating your reality?

"But what about THEM? THEY are doing this, I didn't create this in my reality I am all peace and love." I hear you say.

Are you? So you don't have ANY other emotions in you but peace and love ALL the time? Pfft! We are human beautiful! Even I get very angry! ;)

Honey, - if you are creating your reality...

If your thoughts are creating...

And if the Universe is IN you, if you are the Universe...

Then how can it be THEM?


This is your next level of consciousness.

Awakening to the truth of the illusion and what 'they' are doing is the first wake up yes.

Then, it is up to you to do something about it, because now you are awake, you sure can't go back to sleep, as much as sometimes I bet you wish you could.

So what do you do about it?

This moves into Shadow Work.

This is your next level of consciousness.

This is what transforms the planet.

Yes, don't ignore it.

But don't be feeding it either.

If it is in your awareness, if you are feeling strongly about it, if you are pissed off, angry, frustrated at THEM and just wish people would wake up to the truth already and underneath all that is because you feel powerless at what to do - honey, this is your calling card that you are ready for the next level of consciousness - Shadow Work.

This is integrating the darkest parts of humanity.

All the hurt, suffering pain and more you are seeing in the world and feeling so darn passionate (angry passionate about changing some bloody how), you are ready to integrate these parts of darkness of humanity - that are a reflection of yourself - because the Universe is you remember, because your thoughts are projecting into the world what you are - and YOU honey, are made up of everything that this Universe is - right?

You are oneness.

You are love - at your core yes?

This is what you teach correct?

If you are awake and conscious - you teach this on some level -

That we are love, connect into oneness, breathe - OM... yes?

So honey - this means the darkness too...

This means the hurt and suffering -

Because if you are oneness, how are you seperate from that?

You answer to 'how' you can wake those up - is to integrate through Shadow Work, exactly what you are seeing in your reality.

It is the sure fastest way to wake them up.


Because when you integrate it through Shadow Work (and this goes for ANYTHING you are agitated about in your reality) you don't have the same charge about that thing anymore...

And what happens then?

You return to Love, Compassion and Peace that you are...

And then what happens?

Because you have returned to the true essence of which you are - LOVE

You tap into the infinite resource for creative solutions on how to solve the 'problem' that you see in the world...

YOU become the change in the world, because you are that - you are not separate from the hatred in the world.

Remember, if it is in your awareness, you are ready for integration... you are ready for the next level of conscious evolution in your life - which is what shifts the planet into the next level of consciousness and you return the Planet and Humanity back into that consciousness of Love...

And if you are not integrating, through Shadow Work, the darkness you are seeing in the world (the hate, fear, hurt, pain, lies, deception), then you are not doing your job conscious and aware soul! The truth is love and in Love, there is no hate. It dissolves. When you turn a light on in a dark room, the dark is transformed.

Debbie Ford brought huge awareness of Shadow Work to the planet and I am sure there are others too...

Do you understand why - you are so frustrated at the government?

Because honey - the power you see they have over the world (apparently - isn't that an illusion because everything 'out there' is an illusion?)

The truth?

The truth is that you are conscious and awake - because you are powerful beyond measure.

And you hating on the government because of how powerful they are - is you hating on yourself because actually you are that f*&king powerful you are soooo scared of reclaiming that truth and using it to benefit humanity which is ultimately what you want to do - but the thing we want the most....IS what we are so scared of... As Marianne Williamson says, 'It isn't our darkness we are afraid of, it is our Light."

Reclaiming your power...

Because if you don't... you are projecting how powerful you really are - onto the government and that keeps them in control... until you take back your power dear powerful awake, conscious soul....

Reclaim your power... and teach other's to do the same...

Your most powerful tool, is your energy.

Use it wisely.

Claim it.

Own it powerful Lightworker.

Stand in it dear Ancient Blooded Healer.

I see you.

Create your own reality. All of it. You DO have this power.


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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