30 Min Phone or Skype Psychic Reading

$297.00 USD

Subtotal: $297.00 USD
Due Now: $297.00 USD
  • Any topic at all can be discussed on this call beautiful one
  • You don't even need to know what you need to ask either, if you don't know, but know you need to get on this call, the right intuitive information/messages will come through for you
  • Or you can get clear on what issues are running through your head 
  • Be able to trust yourself more quickly than you ever thought possible 
  • Learn your next step to take immediately with no mucking around 
  • Answer your questions about life
  • Get clear on what is going on with your relationship separation/break up
  • What will stop you from feeling so down and sad about it 
  • Why it even happened
  • Preventing more like that 
  • Step by step to get you back on track 
  • Feel good again


What you get: 

  • 30 Minute Phone/Skype Psychic Reading
  • A plan to support yourself after our session
  • A photo of the Tarot/Oracle Cards that I pull for you in the session
  • Any Audio Meditations, should it be something I recommend for you in the phone call to help with your healing
  • When you book, you will receive email confirmation and you can book in the time that will suit you. 
  • This call can be recorded if you need/would like to. Please let me know in advance if you would like this call recorded and emailed to you. 


**All payments are in USD
**USD$297 equates to approx AUD$390
**Payments may show on bank statement as Stripe or New Kajabi

What People Are Saying:

“I feel so infinitely grateful for Hannah's one on one support recently, through the most difficult time in my life, but also what I know will be the most transformative yet. Hannah's acceptance, vulnerability and transparency around her own shadow self has been profoundly refreshing for me and enabled me to really allow my own shadows out, without holding back. I know that she will love and accept me in the "worst" parts of me, because she can do this for herself. I know that she knows that at my essence I am love, we all are, despite all the darkness and fear and programming of attachments and lack beliefs. This means I am able to own and face and transcend this darkness whilst she supports me; to love the shadow side of me and hence amplify the love and light, individually and collectively. Hannah's support has been so helpful to clear so much of my pain triggered by recent experiences in my life. And of course, to add to all this, Hannah's phenomenal gift in channelling the messages given through the oracle cards makes for an incredibly powerful healing experience.”

Erica Whiley

“You are incredibly perceptive, and so generous with your time and energy! Thank you so much! I resonate with everything that you said...it all makes sense to me. Thank you for sharing those insights with me. I am so touched! You have such a beautiful gift!”

Annette Love

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30 Min Phone or Skype Psychic Reading $297.00 USD
Due Now $297.00 USD

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