Goal Reacher Program

Dedicated to making your Goals happen whilst Awakening and Aligning to Your Life Purpose. Deeply personalised and intuitive support from Hannah over a powerful 3 Months. 

3 Months of this Power Packed Goal Reacher Program Is Now OPEN for 2019

I am taking a limited number of clients for this program that is now open for 2019 are you ready to set the tone for your 2019 and beyond? To be empowered by the energies, instead of letting them floor and overpower you? Are you ready to - meet your goals and start 2019 off with a flying head start? The investment increases for this on the 25th January 2019, let's upgrade you and get you on track dear Soul!

What Do We Do In This 3 Months?

Distance Healing

3 x Private Intuitive Distant Healings to shift your vibration and blocks through these unique and powerful Intuitive Healing Soul Sessions.

Intuitive Coaching Calls

6 x Intuitive Coaching calls, ranging from 45 mins - 1.5 hours, depending on what is needed for each session. These are completely intuitively guided for each session to support your unique goals. 

Cracking the Code

Specialised Cracking the Code for your unique individual life situation. Laser focused intuitive insight, with your unique Blueprint uncovered and activated so you can reach your Goals.

Unlimited Psychic Readings

During our powerful 3 months together, you receive Unlimited Psychic Readings from me. You just need to ask me anytime, as many times as you like, and I shall do them for you. 

Unlimited In Between Support

You have Unlimited In Between Session Support during this power packed 3 Months together. Via WhatsApp, you have unlimited Voice message and Text message, so I am supporting you in this powerful healing frequency the entire time.

It's time to ground your Inner Mystic and make those Goals your Reality 

  • Pin point blocks & shift them instantly
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Healing
  • All the inner work that is required to meet your goal 
  • Divine Guided Business Strategies to support your Internal Shifts
  • Instantaneous results 
  • Blueprint Downloads and Activations
  • Life Purpose Activation & Alignment
  • Past Life Regression & Healing 
  • Recalibration & Activation of your Unique Embodiment Gifts
  • Akashic Record Reassessment
  • Life Purpose Review & Activation 
  • Future Life Embodiment
  • New Thought Healing 
  • New Activation Template Healing
  • Animal Spirit Guide Activation
  • Shamanism Remembrance Healing

Ready to finally make it happen? 

Ready for change? 

Ready for instant shifts? 

Ready for instant healing?

Ready to set the tone for the last 18 months of this 10 Year Cycle? 

Ready to.... set the TONE and deep EMPOWERMENT for your next 12 Years??

What is the Investment?

Investment for the Goal Reacher Program is $3333.00 or 3 x $1111.00 for the powerfully transformative 3 months. 

The investment for this, will be increasing to $5000.00 on the 25th January 2019.

I'm Ready for Powerful Support Hannah!!

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Hey beautiful Soul! You're here!

Let me know a bit about what your goals are and what is going on for you to see if this is the right program for you. 

I will be in touch very soon once you submit your application!