Psychic Readings 

with Hannah

Personalised Psychic Reading

Hey beautiful Soul!! 

You can ask me anything on a Psychic Reading, nothing is off limits to talk about. 

How does it work?

You will receive email confirmation upon booking/payment and you schedule your Psychic Reading time through there. 

Psychic Readings are done via Phone, WhatsApp Audio or Facebook Audio Call and go for 30mins.

What if I don't have a specific question?

I can pull a cards for you and receive messages for you even if you don't have a specific question. We can just tune into your Spiritual Guides and anyone else who comes through in the Reading to see what messages they have for you. 

What is the Investment?

The investment for this Psychic Reading is $49.

Time to stop wondering...

Ask me right away.

Psychic Reading with Hannah

"The intuitive reading I received from Hannah was very interesting and detailed.  I gave Hannah no information about myself but did ask for guidance around a particular problem area of my life.  The reading came back incredibly accurate with wonderfully supportive and helpful information contained within. I would definitely get another intuitive reading in the future, whenever I am feeling unclear and stuck, when guidance is what I need because I am so deep in the situation I can no longer see clearly.  Hannah's help has cleared a path for me to move forward. Highly recommended."

Karen Dickson

Psychic Reading with Hannah


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